What is Punto Communications?

Punto Communications is a team of multicultural web, radio video and graphic design professionals
Dedicated to service the business owner directly without a "middle man" so that
your web, radio or video production may be a cost effective one.

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It's the same service you'd expect from an "agency" but without the inflated cost of superficial and cosmetic spending.

You get an incredible deal in terms of service vs. costs. This kind of service of course represents a better opportunity of reaching you target market with a minimal investment.
We Are:

Our Team

This is the Base Team of Punto Communications, always within your reach, always a better deal.

  Design: Production: Female vo Talent: Musicians & VO:  
  Jasmín Avilés
Alex Vangaugh
Luis Vázquez 
J. Aviles
Jessenia Arce
Glendaliz Valle
Zoe Curtis
L.A. Shanom
Jasmín Avilés
Gilbert Merle
Victor Pagán
Saúl Ramos
Jessenia Arce

Alejandro Vázquez
David Workem